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grow kratom in rainforest conditions

With our production quality plants and complete indoor grow kits, you can grow your very own high quality mitragyna speciosa in the comfort of your own home, even if you thought you couldn't due to frigid climate or inclement weather. We've taken the guesswork out of dialing in the proper environment by designing a kit that beautifully mimics the temperature and humidity of the lush rainforest where these beauties naturally thrive.


Starter grow kits are $150 and come with a humidity tent with a heated floor mat that can be turned on and off to provide the perfect level of comfort, choice of grow light customized to the needs and temperament of your plants, humidity device to emulate the humid environmental conditions of a rainforest, complete nutrition regimen, mycorrhizae for the roots, and ongoing support. All you provide is a pot, soil, water and love. Plants sold separately.


Larger kits are also available, customizable to the scope of your project. Whether you are growing one plant or a hundred, we have a low-cost energy-efficient solution for you. 

*A representative will help you choose the custom options best for your situation.

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