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How We're Different

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

You have choices when it comes to purchasing live mitragyna speciosa plants. We want to tell you what you get when you choose Magick Powers Potions, and why we have been chosen by the likes of the Quebec Kratom Association and pioneers of the newly developing African kratom industry to provide the genetics that are now helping secure the future of the species on two continents.

But first, let's begin with our story here in America.

There is value in genetic diversity

For many years now, most of the live kratom plants sold in the US have been clones of the same two trees, referred to as the Rifat and Bumblebee cultivars. Unless someone was again cloning from one of the original trees (which were cloned several decades ago and brought to America as cuttings), these clones were cut from other clones of that plant, which were taken from other clones, and on and on down the line, many generations removed from the original mother tree. All around America now, people have clones of clones of clones... and they're all little pieces of other little pieces (of other little pieces...) of the same tree. Xeroxes of xeroxes of xeroxes.

the common rifat and bumblebee cultivars

What this means is that the vast majority of people who have a kratom plant in the US all have little bits of the same few specimens -- all made from cuttings of branches that have been chemically tricked into growing roots. Because they are clones, by definition, they are not genetically unique specimens. Due to scarcity of fresh high-quality seeds and a longstanding myth that only old trees produce beneficial alkaloids, these cuttings became the go-to solution for kratom lovers when the plant surged in popularity over the last two decades.

The practice of cloning the clone of a clone has become so commonplace, these cultivars are now ubiquitous. What kratom lover doesn't know somebody with a bumblebee cultivar? But here's where it gets trippy. If you have five bumblebee trees, you really have five pieces of one tree.... genetically identical in all ways... and it's the same tree almost everybody else has a piece of. There is no genetic diversity to speak of. That means, as a grower, there are no exciting surprises like you get when you go deep into the rainforest and observe the mesmerizing array of colors, shapes and textures that greet your eyes.

All that changes with genetic diversity. With wild-sourced rainforest DNA, every plant has a chance to be different and unique. Every specimen has a unique genetic code. It's of the utmost importance for us, as stewards of the Earth, to support this kind of diversity. The great mystery of nature is never encapsulated into a single specimen -- the power of the cosmos is woven fluidly into all its moving parts -- and mitragyna speciosa is so brilliantly diverse in its phenoplastic individuation, to ignore its endlessly beautiful permutations is to close your eyes to the true profundity of the species.

Traditionally, when the indigenous people harvest kratom in the jungles and rainforests, they are collecting from many trees, creating tea that is a blend of wild-sourced genetic diversity. This is a huge part of its magick.

At Magick Powers Potions, we believe in the power of genetic diversity. We are not opposed to clones, however --- we even offer the common Bumblebee cultivar, among others, and are deeply pleased to clone from our very best and most unique signature specimens in particular.

But it is genetic diversity we stand behind.

When you order a plant from us, you are getting something divinely unique, genetically sourced from huge and ancient mother trees in some of the world's richest and most biodiverse forests and jungles. We are not walking into our greenhouse or backyard and taking a cutting from our one or two big trees ---- or giving you a piece of the same plant everybody else has a piece of. From many hundreds of thousands of seeds, we have grown close to a thousand specimens, nurturing many hundreds past the threshold of harvest maturity, and it is from this beautifully variable stock that we select our products.

Unless you specifically order a clone, we send you an entire plant, containing the codes of its own unique DNA, lovingly coaxed to life and healthily maintained in a thoughtfully engineered recreation of rainforest conditions. We never use pesticides. We never use unnatural chemicals. Rain water, humus-rich soil, tropical-style humidity and all-natural growing and feeding materials mean you are getting a pure, unadulterated, beautifully unique and organic seed-sown specimen, genetically sourced from places like the 140 million year old Borneo rainforest, or the jungles of Costa Rica. In fact, we were the very first to bring Costa Rican kratom genetics to the US market... but that's another story all together.

We like to be different. We like the surprises that come from letting Mother Nature do things Her way. She knows better than we do, and She is constantly dazzling us with her magnificence in what has fast become a deeply profound partnership.

As a company, we love what we do. Our passion rests in making the world a more diverse and magickal place.

We invite you to embark on this life-changing experience and grow this unimaginably beautiful species with a genetically diverse specimen from Magick Powers Potions.

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