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Kapuas River Line

Kratom genetics collectors, we've got exciting news for you.

Our Kapuas River line is here. This line is a showcase of hand-selected, top-tier genetics sourced from the most desirable old trees growing in the Kapuas River, from Putussibau to Jongkong to Kapuas Hulu.

The Kapuas River is the longest river in Indonesia and one of the world's longest island rivers. It is located in the Indonesian Province of West Kalimantan.

Known colloquially as the Asian Amazon, the Kapuas River with its flora and fauna is celebrated worldwide as a kind of researcher's paradise. Many scientists believe there are significant numbers of undiscovered species here, thanks to the astonishing levels of biodiversity native to the region.

"We could think of no better place to focus our next genetics hunt than these epic waterways teeming with life," says Cornelia Llama, resident hedgewitch for Magick Powers Potions. Part of a growing movement to establish kratom agriculture in America, Llama and her colleague David Winkler develop new and specialized seed-sown lines of kratom designed to thrive in the North American climate.

"In the last year we've seen the first wave of domestic success with our Borneo Rainforest line," says Winkler. "We developed that line with genetics sourced from wild thickets of the Kalimantan heath forest, and now we've turned our focus to the diverse waterway of the Kapuas River, and the oldest and richest mother trees thriving in the heart of this locale."

The Kapuas River region is unique because many of the kratom plantations here are aquatic. Huge trees with wild tangled roots grow underwater, and kratom farmers send their workers out in motor boats to harvest the crops.

The waterways also serve as an ideal site for open pollination, and all specimens developed as part of the Kapuas River line are done so ethically, organically and sustainably.

"It's important to us that we not only source the strongest and most productive genetics from their native habitats," says Llama, "but that our choices preserve genetic diversity, and prevent the loss of unique varieties in the face of dwindling agricultural biodiversity. Our seeds are hunted with explicit intention and permission from the villagers and famers whose trees we've chosen for this project. We're proud to make a difference in both the lives of Americans and the hard working Indonesians who are boating through the water and climbing up trees to help us build the future of American kratom."

Seedlings are available now. Visit our shop for pricing, and use our contact form to request yours today.
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