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Kratom Saplings & Seeds

Limited stock available now!

Ready to grow your own kratom? We have beautiful foot tall saplings available that are growing bigger every day. Measurements do not include root ball. Their current environment is outdoors with temperatures ranging from 50 to 79 degrees, but these gals have survived 40 degree lows, 110 degree highs and an average humidity of only 23% making them the toughest saplings we've ever publicly offered.

You can begin harvesting leaves immediately. All specimens come with ongoing support from initial transplant thru to harvesting and drying. We want you to succeed and are here to guide you along the way.

We are also making seed stock publicly available for the first time... because the only thing better than a kratom tree is a jungle of kratom trees!

Saplings are $125 shipped anywhere within the continental US. Price includes shipping, tracking and insurance.

$100 for a packet containing thousands of viable seeds that can be shipped anywhere in the world.

Contact us using the chat at and be sure to include your email address. Someone will get back to you and get you started on this magical journey.

Let's get you growing!

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the last of the lemmings
the last of the lemmings
Aug 19, 2023

please contact me about the saplings


Randy Tschupp
Randy Tschupp
Aug 18, 2023

please contact me, I'd like to buy seeds


Michael Carrier
Michael Carrier
Oct 16, 2022

Please contact me about trees for

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