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This page is a window into our botanical offerings. We make multiple runs of our specialty seedlings every year and are also constantly developing new lines, so new items will cycle in and out among our trademark Borneo rainforest line.

Every order requires you message one of our grow consultants. We have a secure contact form at the bottom of this page. We accept PayPal, cashapp and zelle.

Product Offerings

Our live specimens are all incredibly unique thanks to genetic diversity. They have a strong environmental adaptation response and modulate their colors and other attributes in response to changes in environmental stimuli. "Strains" are a marketing ploy. We do not offer strains. We offer true genetic diversity, as it exhibits itself in this highly phenoplastic plant.

We have sourced our genetics from multiple regions of the world, and specialize in cultivating material from the most ancient trees in Indonesia's 140 million year old rainforest.


Say What

Unique Genetics for S@le🌿
First of all, if you don't know why what we offer is so unique, please read a little about us. We offer genetically diverse, seed sown speciosa and our trees have been lab tested to reveal our specialty line is fully potent at 1 year old. Rainforest sourced DNA with beautiful and unique colorations... support biodiversity... read more here:

Borneo Rainforest Seedlings

Our specialty plants are genetically sourced from very desirable and highly specific mother trees in a 140 million year old rainforest in the Kalimantan region of West Borneo, Indonesia, where the most potent kratom grows. Lab tests indicate our specialty line is fully potent at approximately 1 year of age. Seedlings are 9 months away from first complete harvest. 

Costa Rican Plantation Seedlings

Our Costa Rican Plantation genetics are the result of open pollination between seed-sown trees of Thai and Indo descent on a Costa Rican kratom plantation. They are strong, beautiful, and modulate their colors in response to environmental variables. These prove to grow well in the mild American climate or indoors. Seedlings are 9 months away from first complete harvest. 


Harvest Mature

Our specialty harvest mature specimens are larger, older and have already been through at least one complete defoliation. Genetically sourced from the ancient Borneo rainforest in the Kalimantan region of Indonesia. Due to the season, our mature plants have lost 80% of their leaves and will refoliate in the spring or when introduced to a warm, bright environment.


Bibit is the Indonesian word for tiny seedling and it's the smallest size we offer. We do seasonal runs of our specialty line, as well as a constant search for better and better genetics with new developing lines. It only takes six months in our custom environment to transform our bibits into beautiful young trees. Bibits are extremely small and fragile. Unless you are an experienced professional grower, do not order bibits. They are tricky. Our seedlings are strong and larger and easy to grow for novice and experienced growers alike. By special request.

By Special Request

Grow Kit

Grow kits come with a clear vinyl grow tent, choice of grow light customized to the scope of your project, heated floor mat, humidity device, complete nutrition regimen, mycorrhizae for root health and ongoing support. Plants sold separately.


Our grow lamps are proven to cultivate bigger, better, stronger, more colorful and more potent speciosa. They are low wattage and extremely low energy use. For this species, it's not about brightness or the power of the light, it's about the right wavelengths to trigger growth, sugar metabolism, photo synthesis, and color expression. Our lights, when used according to our specifications, deepen color expression, thicken leaves and stalks, broaden leaf formation, and speed up maturity which leads to more rapid onset of alkaloid production.

Resident hedgewitch Cornelia Llama is standing by to take your order. Fill out the order form by listing your choices in the message body. Our preferred payment methods are PayPal and cashapp. We will contact you with instructions to complete your transaction.

All seed-sown specimens ship out the following Monday or Tuesday unless otherwise indicated. Cloned cultivars take up to three weeks for shipping as we root them to order. All orders are sent USPS priority with tracking.


Specimens are legal in all 50 states for ornamental purposes. 

Magick Powers Potions does not condone use of these plants for any purpose other than research or ornament in jurisdictions where such actions are prohibited by law.


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