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We are so proud to be able to offer plants that are truly top of the line. Potent and beautiful. We are purveyors of elite top tier genetics, sourced carefully and passionately out of an unwavering love for this miraculous tree. When you buy from Magick Powers Potions, you are getting not only a quality plant, but a little miracle cultivated with boundless love and, we like to think, a little bit of magick.

Instead of over-cloned cuttings, many generations removed from the original mother tree, we specialize in complete and fully developed seed-sown specimens. Sourced directly from ancient, alkaloid-rich trees in a 140 million year old rainforest (as well as production farms and clandestine grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and elsewhere), our genetics are strong, diverse and something to be proud of. 

Lab tests of our trees at just under a year of age reveal fully potent alkaloid levels with an average of 1.19% mitragynine as well as the presence of 7hydroxymitragynine. The same trees tested at 15 months of age clocked as high as 2.0% mitragynine.


Our plants have been selected for studies by kratom researchers at the University of Florida due to their high alkaloid tests and ability to thrive in the North American climate.

All our plants come with ongoing support and education from initial transplant all the way through to harvest and curing. We also provide complete indoor grow kits, lighting systems and grow equipment to make your project a success no matter what climate you live in.

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Your dream of growing your own is within your grasp.

Cultivated with love by resident hedgewitch Cornelia Llama and grow expert David Winkler.

New Alkaloid Readings

We are proud and excited that some of our domestically cultivated seed-sown kratom trees have tested as high as 2.0% mitragynine. We are now providing plants to the University of Florida for ongoing kratom research.

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Kratom Macro 60x

Not only are we committed to bringing you beautiful plants and developing genetic lines based on desirable traits, we also love to show you what we love most about this incredible species. On the macro level, at 60x magnification, the magnificence of mitragyna speciosa is undeniable. Learn and see more in our blog.

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Here are peeks at a few articles in our blog.

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Powder "strains" aren't plant strains. If you've been sold a plant, cutting or seeds with a powder name like red Bali or green Maeng Da, you've fallen for a common kratom hoax. Learn more in our blog. 


Our Early Flowering Line can

produce flowers by six months.

We are using these genetics

in our cross-breeding program.

The Many Colors of Kratom

Did you know kratom changes colors? Did you know the color and effect of the finished product are results of the curing process? Did you know that one major difference between a green and a red is to what extent it has been oxidized by light, heat and humidity during the drying process?

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Oregon Kratom Harvest

Take a journey into Richard Atchley's greenhouse in Gold Beach, OR, where he runs his family-sized grow operation. Atchley provides a working model for a successful American kratom grow, and proves high-alkaloid kratom can be grown in the U.S. in non-tropical regions using high quality genetics.

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Seed v Clone

This is one of those pivotal moments in kratom history where we can rush in with the wrong tools to get something set up instantly, create no genetic diversity... and ultimately fall short of greatness ---- or we can put in the time, do it right, and forge an intelligent and sustainable future with the power of Mother Nature behind us!

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High Alkaloid Content

Make homemade potions

from homegrown leaves

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Lab Tested

Verified potency!

Our Borneo Rainforest line from the Kalimantan region of Indonesia's 140 million year old rainforest is performing at top level. We sold these trees as young seedlings to a vendor in Oregon, who lab tested them at 11 months of age. Labs determined the specimens have an average potency of 1.19% mitragynine and .004% 7hydroxomitragynine at less than one year of age. These top genetics prove that great kratom does not have to be old to be potent. There is no reason to buy an old clone line when you can support genetic diversity with our Borneo rainforest seed-sown specimens. (Update: these plants have now tested as high as 2.0% mitragynine as of November 2019)

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