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How to Make Red Bubble

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Are you ready to supercharge your homegrown powder (or see how potent your store-bought stuff really is)? Here is a potion recipe you won't soon forget.


1... a freezer proof container. It doesn't have to be see-though but it's much cooler if it is. (A glass canning jar, silicone tray, or ziplock snack-sized bag all work, as do coffee cups, although you can't see through most coffee cups and that's half the fun.)

2... botanical powder (mitragyna speciosa)

3... lemon juice (other edible acids also work. Options include lime juice, pickle juice, apple cider vinegar, citric acid, other vinegars.)

4... very hot, almost-boiling water (distilled is best to eliminate potential interactions of minerals or chlorine in tap water, but the faucet will still do the trick)

5... a freezer


Put your typical dose of powder in the bottom of the container you've chosen to use. I use a generous teaspoon, but this is highly individual. Mix pure lemon juice (or the acid of your choice) with the powder until it is like a thick soup or pancake batter. Let it sit for 10 minutes or so. Then slowly add at least an equal amount of hot, almost-boiling water to your container, if not more. (Although very hot water is generally used, cold water works also, although the red tends to spread around instead of concentrating in one area and it doesn't look nearly as cool.)

Optional: you can blend these ingredients until thoroughly mixed and then allow the potion to sit at room temperature for 30-60 minutes before freezing, although you will still see results if you skip this step. It works just fine to leave the almost-boiling water on top and put in the freezer after 10 minutes.

Put your potion in the freezer for several hours until a red bubble appears. Remove from freezer and thaw. Finally heat slowly. Approximately 84% of the alkaloids are freed by this process. You can strain out the powder if you like using a kava strainer, but this causes you to lose the approximately 16% still remaining in the powder (which is why some extract recipes call for multiple freezes, to free as many alkaloids as possible). Then take a nice picture of your creation because this glorious ruby liquid deserves to be admired by other red bubble aficionados.

So what just happened? Here's a little of the science behind it. The alkaloids in the botanical powder are soluble in acid, including your stomach acid, but your intestinal tract is not long enough for the powder to be fully broken down by the time it is expelled from your body. This means the typical toss and wash method, or eating capsules, is highly inefficient because of the lower bioavailability of the alkaloids. Enter Science! Freezing expands the water in the cells of the highly absorbent and now quite bloated plant material, and this breaks the cell walls of the plant powder open, freeing the alkaloids. Because the alkaloids are soluble in acid, the lemon juice (or lime, etc.) converts them to their citrate salt form, essentially absorbing them and holding them in suspension in the solution.

Although experiments indicate there is a slight decrease in the number of alkaloids present once you have done a water or water-and-lemon extraction, those alkaloids are nonetheless more bioavailable making this extraction method more efficient than consuming raw powder. If raw powder contains 100% of the alkaloids but you can only absorb some of them, and a lemon-water extraction after discarding the powder contains 84% of the alkaloids but you can absorb most of them, the extraction is more efficient because you have successfully increased the bioavailability of your powder. If you don't strain your powder out, you're getting even more mileage out of your dose.

The number that matters here is not the number of alkaloids detectible by lab equipment prior to use, but the amount of those alkaloids readily absorbed and processed by the human body.

You will want to master this technique because it makes efficient use of your product. Why waste a bunch when a little, prepared correctly, works as well or better?

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The stunning ruby red produced by the kratom alkaloids following freezing in an acid.
The stunning ruby red produced by the kratom alkaloids following freezing in an acid.

Beautiful bright red bubble.
Beautiful bright red bubble.

Red bubble can be heated on the stove top or allowed to unthaw at room temperature. DO NOT BOIL or some alkaloids will be lost.
Red bubble can be heated on the stove top or allowed to unthaw at room temperature. DO NOT BOIL or some alkaloids will be lost.

the beautiful hues of red bubble
the beautiful hues of red bubble

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