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2 Colors, 1 Tree

Updated: May 2, 2019

The same kratom tree yielded the two leaves seen in the main image.

Two contrasting cures of red-veined leaf

Both leaves originated from the same tree, and were harvested on the same day. These red-veined leaves were subjected to different methods of processing that led them to take on a visibly different appearance from one another.

Experimenting with varying degrees of light, heat and humidity yielded drastically different results post cure.

Prior to harvest, the leaves were removed from this plant:

The green-looking cured leaf that appears to have retained the original color of the live plant was dried in darkness, warmth and low humidity, while the deep rust colored leaf was subjected to a short burst of high heat and high humidity, then dried in light and heat and moderate humidity.

Red and green, so happy together.

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