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Box of Kratom Leaves

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

Fun little project. Here is a box of assorted dried kratom leaves. Some were dried in high humidity and indirect LED light, and others were dried in a cool shady corner with low humidity. I wasn't applying any particular "cure" to them... they came from two separate piles that have been accumulating for the last couple weeks in vastly different environments. I piled them together and filled up this box last night.

It's worth mentioning that unless I'm applying or attempting to develop/practice/improve a particular cure, this is how I build up my leaf piles. I first rinse the leaves, blot them dry, and them toss them on the pile.

I happened to toss a fresh leaf on top of all the others in the video below, which provides a nice comparison.

Of course a big box like this certainly begs the question: what's a girl to do with all these kratom leaves?

For my first experiment I set aside a small handful of the freshest leaves from both piles before I tossed everything into the box.

I added a little bit of water and a tsp of lemon juice and steamed everything on the stovetop for 30-40 minutes. Very low heat. No boiling.

Finally this beautiful dark red liquid resulted.

And I found myself thinking that, seriously, we should call this stuff create-om because the really good stuff makes me feel creative as heck :) and happy. Very good tea!

Genetic diversity is where it's at. This tea was made from as many trees as there were leaves. It hits all the spots... physical, mental, mood and energy. Very well rounded, full bodied.

So I decided to make another larger batch from the leaves of more trees this afternoon.

Here are the leaves as the alkaloids are beginning to extract into the hot water and lemon juice. Look at that beautiful red alkaloid bleed starting:

Here is the finished tea as it comes off the stove:

Here it is being poured out:

Here is the cup:

I ended up doing another entire batch from the same leaves, which turned out great as well.

Over all a beautiful and full bodied success.

And congratulations, you just found an "easter egg" redeemable for one entry into our current plant giveaway contest. Send us a message via the website or our facebook page and let us know!

disclaimer: Magick Powers Potions does not endorse the use of this plant for anything other than ornamental or research purposes where prohibited by law.

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