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Flavonoid Epicatechin

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Reported Benefits of the flavonoid epicatecin found in mitragyna speciosa

Disclaimer: let's not misconstrue this as medical advice... this information has been sourced and cross referenced and we are presenting our research:

One of the flavonoids that can exhibit in mitragyna speciosa (but no one really talks about) is epicatechin. Also present in dark chocolate, this so-called immunobooster is said to have many other benefits, from heart health to blood sugar regulation to muscle building.

Various studies and research from leading agencies suggests that epicatechin may:

1- Increase the production of nitric oxide, an enzyme that can help to improve vascularity and blood flow

2- Increase natural enzymes responsible for managing your blood sugar levels and activate the synthesis of muscle proteins

3- Lower cholesterol thanks to its prominent natural antioxidant properties

4- Improve overall heart and brain health

5-potential to enhance muscle growth and strength.

Epicatechin’s main mechanisms revolve around its potential to increase muscle mass and strength. In one study, subjects given 170 milligrams of epicatechin per day showed a 16.6 percent decrease in myostatin and a nearly 50 percent increase in follistatin. Strength was measured and showed that subjects were found to be about 7 percent stronger.

This could be another reason why mitragyna speciosa has become a favorite of body builders. Not only is it said to relieve pain and enhance the focus needed to perform optimally, it it is said to help build muscle and enhance muscle strength.

Studies also suggest that epicatechin may be beneficial to heart health. The compound has been shown to reduce lipid peroxidation, which refers to the cellular damage and degradation of lipids. Epicatechin may also inhibit platelet aggregation, preventing the formation of clots in your heart.

The compound has also been found to regulate nitric oxide, a molecule that plays a role in a variety of important bodily functions, particularly in promoting communication between cells by the transmission of signals. The interior lining of your arteries (the endothelium) produces nitric oxide. It relaxes narrowed blood vessels to increase blood flow and oxygen. However, the buildup of plaque can reduce the natural production of nitric oxide.

Along with improving heart health, nitric oxide has been found to:

1- Improve the immune system by fighting off invasive bacteria and potentially defending the body against tumors

2- Reduce inflammation

3- Dilate arteries to regulate blood pressure

4- Increase overall strength

Epicatechin’s effects on nitric oxide also potentially mean increased endurance. Studies on mice showed increases in nitric oxide and endurance, even when the mice were not exercising regularly. For athletes, weightlifters and other individuals looking to increase muscle, a boost in physical endurance means you can go for longer and harder when lifting weights and working out at the gym while sustaining plenty of energy even when you are at the office or out on the town.

Epicatechin may also positively effect on your body composition. Studies found that subjects who consumed dark chocolate showed a reduction in body fat even though they had increased their caloric intake. The study concluded that the reduced body fat was a result of the high epicatechin content in the dark chocolate. The combination of fat loss with increased muscle mass results in an overall improved body composition.

As a flavonoid, epicatechin is also widely known to possess powerful antioxidant properties. Natural oxidative stress causes the production of free radicals, which can potentially damage cells and cause mutations that could eventually lead to serious disorders, including certain forms of cancer. Antioxidants, like epicatechin, work to neutralize free radicals.

Just one more wonderful surprise included by Mother Nature in the leaf of mitragyna speciosa.

The same alkaloid in dark chocolate that serves as such a powerful antioxidant is also present in kratom.
The same alkaloid in dark chocolate that serves as such a powerful antioxidant is also present in kratom.
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Chris Robertson
Mar 22, 2019

Men in particular benefit greatly from increased circulation. The main cause of erectile dysfunction is insufficient blood flow; correcting this insufficiency can result in larger, harder, and sustained erections.

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