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How to Brew Fresh Leaf Kratom Tea

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Kratom tea can be made even from the leaves of very young plants. Although the alkaloid profiles are just starting to develop, there are still plenty of beneficial compounds in the leaves of six month old plants, if the plants are good. This article features tea made from the leaves of nine month old seed-sown plants. It is wonderfully refreshing and stimulating! Fresh, homegrown kratom tea made from the leaves of premium production quality plants grown right in the comfort of your own home!

I've only had half cup and I am simultaneously mentally alert and focused while being delightfully physically relaxed. There is a clarity and sharpness at the center of my focus with divine soft edges at the periphery of my being. My tongue is a little numb. My breathing has deepened, flooding my body with oxygen. What a refreshing and perfectly balanced enhanced state of being. Better than the best coffee I've ever had. Better than puereh tea. Better than kombucha.

The best news is you don't have to be in southeast Asia to enjoy the experience I'm having right now. All you have to do is get your own plant and follow these simple instructions.

For this tea, i chose dark leaves from the undersides of some Kalimantan plants.

You will need:

* Fresh Kratom Leaves (I took enough leaves to cover the surface area of a regular dinner plate in about three layers.)

* 1600 ml Water

* 1 tbs lime juice

* 1 tsp turmeric

A close up of the fresh red kratom leaves


Fill a pot with the water and submerge leaves. Add lime juice and turmeric. Stir. Place pot on stovetop on high heat and allow the water to approach a boil without actually boiling. Only small bubbles and heavy steam should rise to the surface. Lower stovetop heat and continue to simmer. Boost heat again so mixture once again approaches a boil but does not fully boil. Repeat this process as needed to maintain light bubbling with heavy steam, avoiding a full boil. For me this took approximately 30 minutes.

Fresh kratom leaves are submerged in water on their way to becoming tea.

After cooking leaves are still intact. Squeeze water from the plant material.

Your tea will begin to take on anything from an orangeish golden hue to a brilliant ruby red. It will become darker the longer you cook it, as the water boils away and the tea becomes more concentrated. For this recipe, over concentrating the tea is not necessary. I found it refreshing, robust and effective at the golden orange phase, and very potent and bitter by the ruby phase.

Squeeze the water from the leaves and separate the liquid from the plant material. A strainer may be helpful so you can get every last magickal drop.

Kratom tea ready to drink

Here it is, fresh kratom tea ready to drink. Individual results may vary. Please share the photos of your homemade kratom tea with us!

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