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Kratom Mother Trees

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Wanna grow kratom? We're ready to make it happen.

Mitragyna Speciosa mothers are now available and ready to ship. Sown from premium seed by Cornelia Llama and David Winkler for Magick Powers Potions, mother trees exhibit the growth patterns, strength and desirable traits associated with top tier genetics, and have reached the age of harvest maturity according to current Indonesian farming practices.

This seed-sown mother is being used for agricultural applications and is almost one year old.

One reason why kratom replaced rubber trees as the preferred export of Indonesian farmers is because rubber trees take 8-10 years to reach harvest maturity, but kratom can be harvested by one year of age, according to the Borneo Kratom Association, provided the genetics are good. According to kratom science, spearheaded by Dr. McCurdy, the world's leading expert on mitragyna speciosa, alkaloid profiles continue to develop during the first two to three years of a tree's life, and these profiles then modulate over time in concert with environmental and seasonal changes.

Young mothers up to the ceiling, awaiting pick up.

Our mother trees have genetics sourced from the Kalimantan region of West Borneo, Indonesia, home of the richest and most diverse ecosystem on the planet. These genetics make strong, beautiful, colorful, fast-growing trees with high productivity.

Lab tests revealed an average potency of 1.19% mitragynine and .004% 7hydroxymitragynine across all 11 month old seed-sown specimen samples taken from our Borneo Rainforest line.

Standard mother trees are $100/foot. All mother trees are tenderly wrapped in moisture barriers and sealed in plastic bags with separate packaging for the root ball, then packed in boxes with padding and an optional LED light source. Packages are shipped USPS priority with tracking.

Want to grow your own, but have more time than money to invest? Pick up seedlings from our Borneo Rainforest line. Standard seedlings are 9 months from first complete harvest.

All live plants purchased from Magick Powers Potions come with ongoing support. Guaranteed live on arrival.

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