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Man Grows Kratom in Arizona Desert, Gets Rare Seed Pod

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Glenn Bradford with his three seed-sown kratom trees. The smallest (center), only six inches tall and 4 months post germination, is developing a rare seed pod.

Glenn Bradford is no stranger to plants. The seasoned grower, with a passion for unusual or exotic specimens, became interested in kratom thanks to his daughter and son-in-law, who have been using the botanical for a year to manage pain following a motorcycle accident. Curious to see if they could grow the species themselves, Bradford's daughter was recommended to Magick Powers Potions, a purveyor of elite top-tier genetics, by various kratom support groups.

"After we researched on our own, and with a lot of helpful guidance from Magick Powers Potions, we were up for the challenge of growing kratom trees here in the desert of Arizona," says Bradford.

They purchased three seed-sown specimens, genetically sourced from various regions across southeast Asia. One of these was a tiny double seedling --- two plants from two separate seeds, growing together in symbiosis. Only a few months old and no more than a few inches tall, one of these little trees would turn out to be a rare rule-breaker.

4 weeks ago, Glenn Bradford ordered three kratom research specimens from Magick Powers Potions.

The plants arrived March 21. One month later, look at the progress.

That tiny seedling, just an unfertilized seed the size of an eyelash on January 6th, has now grown and produced a seed pod of its own.

"That really shows you the quality of these plants," say Bradford.

Same kratom seedling, 30 days apart. 4 months ago this plant was a seed; today it is growing its own seed pod. This is highly uncommon.

Cornelia Llama, resident hedgewitch for Magick Powers Potions, says it's unlikely the pod is fertile, but the fact that such a young tree is producing sex organs at all is a rare and exciting event.

"You know you've got something cool when it upsets people on reddit," says Llama with a laugh. "I was told I must have taken a cutting from a mature tree. I explained there are no cuttings involved in this scenario. All of these specimens were grown from seed. That little one was germinated January 6. It's only four months old right now."

A close-up of the seed pod forming on the young seed-sown kratom plant.

No hormones or chemicals were used to induce flowering.

Those looking to have their own kratom plants produce seed pods might be interested to know that Bradford keeps his on the 24/7 light cycle recommended by Magick Powers Potions for optimal vegetative growth.

He also maintains the recommended 80%+ humidity, and uses CNS17 grow, about 2 tablespoons to the gallon, feeding every other day.

Glenn Bradford peers through the leaves of one of his young kratom trees.

"Although growing these plants is a labor of love, the results have been amazing," says Bradford. "With a little know how, and the right set up, these plants will do well. Humidity is key to keeping them happy."

The leaves feature impressive vascularity.

Bradford grows inside a large grow tent which serves as a humidity chamber. He also spritzes them with water twice a day, morning and night, to keep them blissfully moist.

Kratom loves to be moist, so frequent waterings are key for Bradford, who opted to grow in Smart Pots. Smart Pot fabric does not retain a lot of water, but rather allows the moisture to seep out, so for Bradford frequent waterings are essential.

Happy in their new home: the three kratom trees have acclimated to their new surroundings.

Kratom is also very sensitive to some artificial lights. Low wattage is ideal. Bradford uses a single 45w LED light and two hooded clamp lights over household lightbulbs. '

"Many first-time growers make the mistake of treating kratom with cannabis lights, which are frequently too hot and bright," says Llama. "Glenn Bradford nailed it with just the right treatment."

Bradford is excited about the future, and looks forward to watching his specimens grow into the kind of trees people dream of.

If you would like to grow your own kratom, Magick Powers Potions offers production quality plants with strong, seed-sown genetics sourced from the Borneo Rainforest and other rich ecosystems. Complete indoor kratom grow kits are also available, including a grow tent, customizable lighting solution, heated floor, humidity device, complete nutrition regimen and mycorrhizae for optimal root growth. (Plants sold separately.)

In his own words:

I'm a seasoned grower with experience in a wide variety of plants. I enjoy gardening, especially unusual or exotic plants. My daughter and her husband have been using Kratom for pain for a year after a motorcycle accident. She was recommended to Magick Powers Potions by various Kratom Support groups and was interested in growing her own trees. After we researched on our own, and with a lot of helpful guidance from Magick Powers Potions, I was up for the challenge of growing Kratom trees here in the desert of Arizona. Overall it's been a great experience. The plants shipped well, and after about two weeks they perked up and really started showing their potential. Although growing these plants is a labor of love, the results have been amazing. We were very surprised to see a seed pod on the smallest of the three trees. That really shows you the quality of these plants. With a little know how, and the right set up, these plants will do well. Humidity is key to keeping them happy. I highly recommend Magick Powers Potions and it's been a very fun and satisfying experience so far. The Kratom trees are beautiful, and doing well even in this hot desert.

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