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Refoliating Kratom

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

There is nothing quite as beautiful as the way sunlight bounces off the first few pairs of monster leaves to grow in after a complete defoliation. These trees were sticks six to eight weeks ago, but behold the regenerative power of nature. We love this species! They take a bit to bounce back but dang are they comeback kids🌿🤩😍

(We have more recently defoliated specimens available for purchase. Inquire through the message form on the front page of the website or via our facebook page.)

Thick and veinous, the new growth on this young kratom tree is coming in pear yellow with peach veins. It will unfold into a jewel green and the veins will darken.

The underside of this newly formed kratom leaf is Big Bird yellow with florescent orange veins. Highlighted by the golden glow of the setting sun, this specimen is crowned in the light of divinity.

These glowing green and olive leaves throb with a thick ruby red vein, catching the light like a fine glass sculpture.

This cluster of explosive new growth is surging with vigor. After a defoliation, all the plant's life force is concentrated into the emerging leaves. The aliveness is mesmerizing.

A close up of a heathy leaf underside. Notice the strength of form, beautiful colors and clean surface free from discolorations, bruising and pests. This leaf is still in the process of unfolding and its individual cells still have visible room to stretch.

This glorious kratom leaf stands erect in the sunlight, engorged with life and moisture. The leaf is continuing to expand and unfurl, and it will grow in size as it further stretches open.

The contrasting colors of the leaf tops and undersides is highlighted in this photo, as this beautiful kratom specimen stands regally in the sun with her arms outstretched.

A stunning display of plant pigments as seen from below this Indonesian kratom tree as it refoliates following its first complete harvest.

This kratom specimen enjoys watching cartoons. Congratulations, you just found the easter egg in the Refoliating Kratom blog. Contact us for an entry into our current plant giveaway contest.

As the fresh leaves unfold, their ridges are often plump and well articulated from the central vein.

With this specimen, multiple leaf underside colors are exhibited. The top leaves have olive green undersides with red veins, and the lower leaves have chocolate undersides with red veins. These colors are constantly changing in response to environmental stimuli.

A thick dark kratom leaf with pronounced ridging and immense red vein thrusts forth from the shadows, catching the last glimmers of sinking sunlight.

Freshly erupted leaves have broken through the mitre sheath, Mitragyna Speciosa gets its name from the mitre-shapes leaves, reminiscent of a Pope's hat.

The vigorous life force of healthy, well-cared-for kratom is undeniable.

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