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Spring Catalogue

Updated: Sep 10, 2019

Spring is in full swing here at Magick Powers Potions. We have quite a few fresh trays of mitragyna speciosa seedlings germinating --- Costa Rican, Borneo and Malaysian. As always, we continue to seek out genetics from the best and most ancient trees in the jungles, forests and plantations of southeast Asia and elsewhere to become a part of our Garden of Dreams and Magickal Offerings.

A few varieties of papaver somniferum are beginning to explode now, showing off their petticoat colors like beckoning flower-ladies with their fannies in the air: China White, Afghani, Turkish and some from special GMO seeds that are rumored to be quite a sight to behold. Planning to let them seed the entire area, so interested parties take note, because there will be plenty to share if they live up to the legend.

Some of our kratom mother trees are now producing beautiful horns. Resident hedgewitch Cornelia Llama is willing to take a limited number of cuttings from these gorgeous ladies and root them upon request. $75 per cutting. Trees are legal in all 50 states for ornamental purposes.

Thanks to the beauty of genetic diversity, we're watching our seed-sown specimens individuate from one another through the development of brilliantly contrasting colors and textures. Out of all our sources, we've found some of the most unspeakably beautiful specimens come from the 140 million year old rainforest in Borneo, Indonesia. A single seed pod from an incredibly ancient tree yielded such an impressive litany of visible characteristics in its offspring. It's easy to see how the myth of strains has been perpetuated.

Working hand in hand with genetic diversity, environmental fluctuations can also bring out the most splendid kratom colors. The plants in the photos below changed colors in response to temperature drops, humidity changes, variable pH in soil and the presence of minerals and other organic matter interacting with water reserves.

Some of the great magick of this species lies in its genetic diversity and environmental adaptation response. We encourage anyone who has been watching from afar to purchase a plant and experience the joy of cultivating this wildly beautiful green being. We have an excellent selection of standard specimens that have reached the initial threshold of harvest maturity according to modern Indonesian farming for export practices, including some absolute beauties with prominent red veins. These are $75. Mother trees are available at the starting price of $175 plus shipping. Prices vary according to size, maturity and harvest history.

We also have a special deal on 1st generation clones from our specialty lines. We will clone from our selection of seed-sown mother plants to yield 1st generation rooted cuttings with the same unique genetics as the mother. You can grow these into huge beautiful trees that exhibit the same characteristics as the specialty lines they are cut from. Our special right now on these unique clones runs 2/$100.

Last year we introduced our Costa Rican kratom genetics to the United States, yielding beautiful specimens as seen in the photo above. We have started new young seedlings from the same source, so if you are looking to nurture some tiny babies into majestic trees, we've got you covered. Bibits are 4/$100. In addition to the Costa Rican, we have Indonesian and Malaysian as well. If you trust your green thumb, this is an unbeatable deal giving you four unique sets of kratom plant DNA and a grip of genetic diversity for an extremely competitive price.

Another exciting bit of news to share is that some of our plants have begun developing seed pods. One specimen was only a few months old when she developed the sex organ seen in the photo above. We don't anticipate it actually being fertile, but just the fact that such a young plant is capable of developing sex organs encourages us to rethink what believe we know concerning kratom tree maturity and reproduction.

As the days grow longer and warmer here in the northern hemisphere, I encourage everyone to spend a little more time outside, communing with the great outdoors. Feel the wind in your hair, like invisible fingers, and the kiss of the sun on your face. Open up to the beauty around you. There is a great and profound consciousness pulsing within the plant world, and they are watching you and loving you and having compassion for you as you go about living our your human existence. There is so much knowledge and wisdom to be shared. Open your heart to it.

Remember that the best rosebush, after all, is not that which has the fewest thorns, but that which bears the finest roses. Happy planting. May the future bloom bright!

With gratitude and little bit of magick,

Cornelia Llama

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