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The Best Kratom Tea Recipe

Updated: May 3, 2019

This is a recipe for a very potent tea. Because of the processing time involved (it takes a full day), making a large batch is most efficient.

You will need:

* botanical powder

* pot to steam in

* ginger root

* lemon juice

* quart gladware screw top containers

* measuring cup for afterwards

Preparation time:

Takes a full day at minimum, so make a large batch and enjoy

Directions: Begin by measuring your botanical powder into a gladware container. Add water and stir until you get to a viscosity of hot maple syrup. Let this sit for an hour then put into freezer. Let it freeze solid then let it thaw; stir and freeze again. Thaw again and proceed to cooking. Dump the kratom slurry into your pan and rinse your container into your pot. Make sure that the gladware is clean. Add a big squeeze of lemon juice. Turn your heat up and let it get just under a boil, then immediately reduce to a simmer or just below and maintain temperature. Ideally 180-200 degrees for full alkaloid preservation. While this is heating, peel ginger and slice it all into 1-2mm thick slices. Add ginger to the pot. Set a timer for 45 minutes. Remove from heat at 45 minutes and strain your concoction through the kava filter. Discard kratom sludge. Be sure not to burn yourself in this step.

The math: your kratom should give you X amount of doses, and the liquid should give the same amount or close. Use the measuring cup to portion out doses. At this point I refrigerate mine and drink it cold. Do not add sugar or honey. Doing so makes the funky taste come back. Keep refrigerated.

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