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Updated: Sep 2, 2019

Grow your own kratom! This is Richard Atchley harvesting one of his almost-one-year-old seed-sown trees from our Borneo Rainforest line.

We are so proud to be able to offer plants that are truly top of the line. Potent and beautiful. We are purveyors of elite top tier genetics, sourced carefully and passionately out of an unwavering love for this miraculous tree. When you buy from Magick Powers Potions, you are getting not only a quality plant, but a little miracle cultivated with boundless love and, we like to think, a little bit of magick.

Instead of cuttings from clones that are many generations removed from the original mother plant, we offer complete and fully developed seed-sown plants and first generation clones taken from the original mothers. Genetically sourced directly from forests, production farms, and clandestine grows in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and elsewhere, our genetics are strong, diverse and something to be proud of.

We have begun to clone our best seed-sown specimens from among close to a thousand plants, and are finally preparing to bring you first generation fully rooted cuttings in spring 2020.

We also provide complete indoor grow kits with 24 hour lighting systems that are so low energy they don't spike your power bill.

For more information on how to grow and process this miraculous plant, join our private Magick Powers Potions Group.

Your dream of growing your own is within your grasp.

Private message us here or on facebook for more details.

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